While much of marketing communications relies on the repetition of a single message to build awareness, Epic facilitates relationships between our clients and their customers through meaningful engagements built upon an enduring Brand Story.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, one of the hardest challenges for any marketer is to identify and establish their brand’s desired positioning in the minds of their customers. In building a launch campaign, intended to help establish the desired positioning, their partner agencies will often present one of three common strategies in approaching a marketing solution. One is linked to the most compelling product features, another is based upon the role the brand plays in a patient’s life, and the last capitalizing on the emotional response that can be associated with the brand.

We at Epic have learned that challenging this methodology creates greater opportunities for our clients. By thoroughly exploring all three strategies, we often discover a new path to take, a way to incorporate the most compelling qualities of the brand and offer something truly unique. The result is a message that becomes more inclusive, more vivid, and more relevant. It is the Brand Story.

The Brand Story is a holistic view, constructed from the most significant brand features contextualized by the role it plays in the patient’s life and, ultimately, the strong emotional tie made possible by the brand’s promise.

When your story becomes the measuring stick for other brands in the category, it becomes epic.