Defining who you are is a critical first step in becoming a brand. Translating those attributes correctly into a Brand Story that inspires the marketplace requires a worthy partner.

Epic has and continues to play that role with its clients through the process of gaining an in-depth understanding of their vision and lighting various paths toward an ultimate goal. With a roadmap that connects positioning to the realization of a campaign, contextualized for each audience, we instill the confidence needed to move toward execution and eventual success.

Utilizing a process that builds upon the positioning, we implement disciplines regarded as best practices in brand development. Through this execution, you can be assured that the campaign launched within the marketplace will be the result of extensive message exploration and refinement. Within the analysis of brand range, brand relationship, and dimension mapping, we also look at creating relevance within multiple audiences. Your Brand Story, although guided by a singular purpose, will have different meaning to a prescriber and a payer.Positioning to Campaign Flowchart_09092018