Startup companies can face a number of barriers to market entry. A powerful brand story can fuel success.

You are confident that you are in possession of a discovery that will certainly have a dramatic impact within the medical community but you face the challenges many startups have encountered before. How will you acquire the funding you require for additional studies? Once the data is compiled, how will you position this product within the marketplace to ensure commercial success? Do you truly know what the competitive landscape looks like and will you find a differentiating Brand Story that will resonate with both patients and practitioners? How will you compete?

Epic Ignition™ was designed to help you clear the barriers often encountered by healthcare startup ventures by providing you with a team of seasoned professionals that have spent much of their careers developing launch strategies and tactics for pharmaceutical and medical device brands, large and small. The terrain is very familiar and our approach is proven.

Epic Ignition™ will showcase the value of your company, products, or intellectual property to help you raise investment dollars and effectively launch your product or services into the marketplace. Epic Ignition™ provides the core deliverables that you need to change beliefs.

Our clients agree that the deliverables we create have been an essential component in winning over the naysayers, the investors, the analysts, and the medical community. Read our case studies.