With Epic as a strategic partner, you gain greater certainty that your marketing efforts will yield superior results because of this proven process.

The Epic method for Brand Story development is simple, breaking down the barriers that are often faced when looking down the long road toward a brand launch. Our approach is to work with you in a way that stimulates engagement through consensus-building workshops and customer feedback. Episode 3 goes well beyond authoring the Brand Story, it generates the strategic direction from which all tactical executions will be guided. The deliverables developed during this approximately 12-week engagement are illustrated below.

A roadmap for success

Episode 3 is completely customizable, based on what is already known or determined and the specific needs of the brand. So, we will build upon any previous relevant market research findings and/or competitive landscape analysis. The key steps that inform all of the deliverables, including the brand story are:

  1. Objective setting and download meeting
  2. Needs Analysis and Competitive Landscape
  3. Brand Story Concepts Workshop
  4. Workshop deliverables and follow-up
  5. Customer qualitative research
  6. Final market research report and recommendations
  7. Presentation of the Optimized Brand Story, Purpose, and directional branding
  8. Presentation of the Visual Voice and Brand Identity


Next Steps

Now you are ready for prime time! The Brand Story and core deliverables will be central to campaign development, guiding all messaging, and the content of all marketing and sales materials. The Brand Story is also integral to effective sales training and sales force integration.