The Brand Story is essential throughout a brand’s lifecycle. When the Brand Story is formulated properly, it is always relevant and a necessary guide throughout a brand’s journey.

With both staff and tethered consultants that are richly experienced in many of the developmental phases of a drug or medical device, Epic is well-positioned to join your efforts in bringing a product to market at any point. When engaged early on, the process that guides the formulation of the story will:

  • Either shape the Phase III program or expose gaps
  • Set up the ideal product positioning or help bring it to life
  • Help characterize the brand’s commercial value
  • Create internal alignment among and Clinical and Commercial
  • Build early advocacy for the science, class, and/or compound


For a new compound or device going through the development process, the Brand Story will continue to build and evolve if started early. In this case, the Brand Story will typically consist of the following:

  1. Science Story
  2. Clinical Story
  3. Commercial Story


Scientific Story: Developing a compelling story begins early in the brands life-cycle, and in all relevant cases starts with the scientific story. The scientific story is built upon the science of the disease and the science of the brand. We align the brand’s mechanism of action (MOA) with the mechanism of the disease (MOD) and identify potential benefits. We create nomenclature for the technology, class, sub-class or MOA. We then set expectations that a unique approach is needed in treatment and that the approach is differentiating from the competition in a meaningful way.
The clinical story follows, to frame the clinical challenge, build excitement and interest in the clinical data, and tie the unique science to the clinical data. We clearly delineate the unmet clinical needs for healthcare providers and their patients in spite of current treatments. This sets up the problem in a way your brand can uniquely solve. Building excitement allows us to showcase the impact of the clinical data and its uniqueness in either outcomes and/or specific patient populations. We then ground the clinical data in the science of the brand or platform. The scientific platform or rationale is the foundation for the clinical data and a key differentiator.
The commercial story defines the value of the brand. We start by creating new expectations, communication the Brand Story to the target audience that clearly conveys the brands role in treating the right patients and addressing a specific unmet need. The next step entails showcasing the brands value, establishing the strongest value proposition for the brand to help mitigate access hurdles. Finally we change expectations and beliefs around treatment that results in the desired behaviors for your brand, helping to ensure its rightful place in treatment.
The commercial story is absolutely essential for the launch of any product, device, or service. The Brand Story should continue to evolve post-launch to be the best representation of new data or indications, changes in the marketplace, and the discovery of new insights.
The evolved story is a natural evolution of the commercial story, driven by new clinical data and changes in the market and competitive landscape.